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Are you ready to turn the page over and live the life you want to live, as the person you want to be?

Then you've come to the right place...

- Supporting Your Mental Health & Well-Being - 

 Through counselling,

 I aim to encourage you to

accept change as an inevitable

 part of life, and empower you to

  take the steps that you may need to take to see the changes you desire, by

  allowing space for us to reflect on

 what those steps may be, and

 supporting you to recognise

& embrace your strengths

and potential.

I understand that

at times during our life,

we can feel stuck, unhappy

with the way things are or the

way that we view ourselves,

and I recognise how difficult

it can be to change, often

not knowing where

to start.

I want to help you,

to help yourself,

turn the page over,

continue afresh,

and live the life

you want to live,

as the person

you want to be.

I offer online and telephone counselling to individuals throughout the UK - click the button below to find out more about the services I offer:

- A Bit About Me -

Hi, my name is Maddison York, and welcome to Turning Page Counselling and Neurodivergent Mental Health Services.

I am a qualified pluralistic integrative counsellor, with a personal understanding of Neurodivergence.

I offer a warm, empathic, non-judgemental and flexible approach to working with clients, providing you with a supportive and safe space to explore, process and work through your unique challenges.

Maddison York - Pluralistic Integrative Counsellor, Neurodivergent Counsellor, Neuro-Affirming Counsellor

- Client Testimonials -

“Talking with Maddison helped me break things down and become more aware of my struggles and my stress. I learnt a lot about me, my stress, and different techniques to cope - I feel like I learnt new life skills. I’m now feeling a lot less stressed and more able to cope.”

- Anonymous Client, September 2021

"My sessions with Maddison really helped me to feel more confident. I feel empowered to be happy with who I am. I don’t think I could have done that without Maddison; I always felt as through she really understood what I was feeling and could help me understand myself when I was struggling to express myself.”

- Anonymous Client, July 2021

"Maddison has been such a big help to me in a difficult time, offering a range of help and guidance with an approach that was never prescriptive, always flexible and able to develop and change where necessary, and if I just needed to talk that's what happened in the session. Maddison's enthusiasm for her job came across during our sessions and she has warmth, compassion, and a good sense of humour. I am very glad she was my counsellor and if I seek more counselling in the future I will definitely choose to do so with Maddison.”

- Anonymous Client, September 2022

“It’s been uplifting to have these sessions with Maddison. It’s been a chance for me to speak about how I’m really feeling with somebody who understands, which has helped me accept that it’s okay to feel difficult emotions, and desensitise things so that I’ve been able to open up with my family about my troubles. I feel like I’ve been on a journey with Maddison, and I feel stronger and more myself again now.”

- Anonymous Client, March 2022

- Get in Touch - 

Are you ready to make a change? It starts with you.

You’re taking the first step in reaching out, allow me help you understand and work towards those next steps...

Working Hours:

Monday - Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm

Alternatively, leave a message below and I'll get in touch as soon as possible:

Thank you for your enquiry, I will be in touch as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on your 'spam/junk' folder for my response.

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